Top 7 unforgettable plans you can do in Spain and Europe! PART 1

Top 7 unforgettable plans you

You have long vacation days ahead but haven’t had the plan ready? Why don’t you consider going to Spain for this vacation of yours! Spain is a European country with amazing culture, friendly people, and fantastic weather! This Hispanic country is one of the best tourist destinations in Europe for both Europeans and foreigners because it has everything from beaches to great food. 

  In this ‘Top 7 unforgettable plans you can do in Spain and Europe!’ series, we provide some of the top places you can visit and the activities you can enjoy in Spain! Might as well as explore some other European countries as well when we are at it 🙂 Without further ado, let’s go!

Visit a charming cove.

    If you are used to going to crowded beaches where you have to get up early to place the towel, break the routine and discover small hidden coves in the area. Surely you will find some beautiful bay in which, even if you have to walk on a steep road, everything will compensate for enjoying a quiet place surrounded by nature. For example, in the Balearic Islands in Ibiza, Menorca, or Mallorca, you will find beautiful coves surrounded by nature ideal for a quiet and relaxed day.


 Meet a summer cinema

   Surely in the area where you spend summer, there is a summer cinema of those in which you watch the movie by sitting in an outdoor beach chair surrounded by neighbours’ eating pipes. Even in some locations, they screen films on the same beach. Do not miss it! The movies may not completely premiere, but it will be a pleasant experience, and you will have a lot of fun with your family and friends. A different way to go to the movies in which your children will have a great time. Surely, they want to repeat!


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