Welcome to the second part of ‘The ideal motherงs day gift make that day the best mother day
ever!.’ In this series of articles, we provide a guideline to choosing gifts for your mother. By knowing
what kind of a person your mother is, we can get the most suitable gift that she will forever adore!
Continuing from the first article that we discussed the controlling mother type, here are guidelines for
“friend” and “classic” mother type.

The “friend” mother:

That mother who, over time, has become your best friend. You can share with her almost any
aspect of your life, and she is always present in the most important events of your existence:
bachelorette party included! The division between your closet and yours is practically symbolic, and
there is no garment or complement that does not lend itself to the exchange.

The best gift: Unique lockets containing your pictures will make sure that she always has you

The “classical” mother:

When you think of your mother, it seems that time is on one side and her on the other,
meaning she always has that timeless look. Don’t get us wrong; she always and still has the same
elegant and calm style as always. The colors with which she dressed for your wedding are the same as
those she wore in your communion or those, she wears in his day to day life (to go to work, to a
dinner or to the cinema), which, however, always maintain its traditional and elegant style. She likes
discrete jewels and “for a lifetime” type of jewelry.

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So, what is the best gift you can give to the classic mother? Silver! in every type and shape.
Silver is a noble material that translated into classic and timeless pieces, as well as affordable.

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