Choosing a suitable hairstyle for attending wedding ceremonies PART 1

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One of the first dilemmas that arise when we are invited to a wedding is the theme of
the dress. So many factors are to be considered. Is the wedding held at day or night? Is the
wedding attended by close friends or many other people? Whether the wedding is of your
best friend or your distant cousin getting married in a town lost out of no where (You know,
from that part of the family that you never met or a cousin that you have not ever seen in your
life before); is it is the third wedding of someone who belongs to your group of friends of
since childhood that you haven't met in years.
Every reason above can influence the wedding theme. If, on the contrary, it is a
wedding to which you go almost by commitment, you do not know anyone, and it is doubtful
that you will be able to speak with any guest of the previous wedding. If you take the risk
with that ideal, flattering and affordable dress from a cheap store or make an investment in a
dress that will make you stand out almost like the bride (and the latter will depend, almost
certainly, on what you have answered most of the previous questions).
But, once this trance is over, the day comes when you can finally breathe easy
because you are convinced that you have the perfect dress for the occasion.
And now that. Well, logically, as with the dress, a different hairstyle goes to each type
of wedding. And, in addition, according to the style of dress for which you have opted, you
must take into account certain preferences when choosing a hairstyle that is consistent with
the chosen look.
We want to make sure that you don't miss out on the millions of options available, we
propose some options that are simple and very trendy so that you can dazzle and succeed with
your choice of hairstyle.




Day weddings do not require such a rigid label or protocol, so this type of celebration
gives more play when it comes to risk with the hairstyle. Now that the "romantic boho" roll is
so fashionable to complete a simple dress without many frills with a mane or with natural
You can opt for a mane with well-marked waves, both with the stripe in the middle
and to the side, or give it a more individual and delicate touch by winding two strands to the
neck and joining them at that point.
Another very current option is the boho braid, a comfortable hairstyle and that is
setting the trend in weddings and day events, especially in times of heat, since they allow you
to wear your hair up without having to opt for a too arranged bun. As an advice, try always to
leave some disheveled hair, which will give you a very natural look.
As for accessories, play with all kinds of headdresses, hats, or wreaths that give your
look a different and distinctive air. For the jewelry, we repeat the same sentence: less is more.
Therefore, it is best always to wear a right jewel (a diamond ring, an exclusive design silver
ring, a gold choker, silver earrings in the tones according to your dress) that stands out in its
fair and elegant atmosphere.


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