How to choose ideal baby earrings that suit your beloved children PART 3

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Welcome to a continuation of our late article on How to choose ideal baby earrings
that suit your beloved children. In this series, we propose a guide to helo you choose perfect
earrings for your baby. If you are parents expecting newborn or friends of them, consider
getting a pair of nice earrings as a gift for the baby!

Once the earrings are put on, take special and essential care

  Avoid any infection by always keeping your child earrings clean. You can ask your
pediatrician for advice on opting for the safest and most appropriate measures when
cleaning yours ear.

  Maintain the shape of the hole by gently rotating the earrings, and sliding them back
and forth, a couple of times a day. Also, always make sure that the earring is not too
tight. Consult your pediatrician or pediatric nurse when the time is right to remove the
earrings after drilling (since, if you get too far, the hole could be closed).

  Finally, constantly check the area around the slope. Do not forget that a baby is
constantly touching and if the area has been recently perforated; it may be at risk of
becoming infected.


And if you have any other questions do not think twice, consult with your pediatrician
or a specialist any aspect that worries you about the fact of putting your baby pending. He is
the one who best knows your newborn.
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