An unexpected healthy guide from a CZ jewelry manufacturer

In recent years, surely we have all heard of those already known as "superfoods," a
series of products (usually of plant origin) that promise to be a particularly rich source of
nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants (Some of their benefits also include heart health
improvement or anti-cancer!).
Admittedly, this "superfood" fashion should not replace in any case our complete and
beneficial all around diet (which many countries in the world would most like to have at
hand). But the truth is that there is nothing wrong with knowing those foods that, evidently
unknown to Many of us can be an inexhaustible source of extra benefits without having to
resort to aggregate, artificial or processed products.
Both for our health and our beauty, because if there is something we cannot deny, it is
that taking care of yourself inside is noticeable on the outside. And as a result, it will make
you more beautiful with those products you bought from an outstanding CZ jewelry
manufacturer after you read our previous article about CZ jewelry manufacturers.
Therefore, in addition to foods with a high concentration of antioxidants, healthy fats
or known vitamins, such as extra virgin olive oil, nuts or legumes (of course, among many
others), there are other products such as quinoa, chia seeds or "detox milkshakes", the latter
so fashionable, that they begin to make a dent (deserved) in our dishes and that they can
become our best allies when it comes to caring and tuning our body (Let's not forget that we
continue in summer!).
I encourage you to try them and include them in your daily recipes. Surely more than
one will surprise you!


Although it is a pseudocereal, quinoa closely resembles legumes. In addition to
vitamins and minerals, it provides proteins of high biological value and is also very rich in
easily digestible fiber. Fiber and protein are even better than those of legumes, which
influences good health of intestinal transit and helps prevent diseases such as colon cancer. A
ration of quinoa is a contribution of complex carbohydrates, which are an essential source of
energy. In addition, this food has no gluten and is very rich in amino acids. It is prepared just
like boiled rice and can be mixed with sauteed vegetables, in salads, etc.
An interesting fact: FAO named it 'food of the year 2013', considering it even a key
ingredient in the eradication of world hunger.


Algae have gradually become a popular product in our dishes. This is what happens in
particular with kelp algae, a product that is gaining adherents thanks to the fact that it helps
control weight and prevents heavy metal accumulation in the long term. In addition, kelp
algae are a food rich in minerals such as iodine and calcium, in addition to helping eliminate
toxins by containing a lot of fiber.

Very important for your health, since they regulate the functioning of the thyroid
gland; and an essential if you care about your hair and nails since they are a product that will
help you strengthen them.
Incorporate them into your diet in the form of salads. Additionally, they are super delicious!

As we mentioned above, eating healthy food will benefit both your internal health and
external beauty. As such, this superfood, in a way will enhance your beauty even more, in
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Also, please make sure you stay tuned for the second part of ‘Being in shape make you look
better with your precious jewelry: superfood’. See you next time!