Another unexpected healthy guide from a caring crystal jewelry manufacturer

Welcome to the second part of 'Being in shape make you look better with your
precious jewelry: superfood.' In this series of articles, we explore those so-called superfoods
and their benefits to our internal health and external beauty. This guide is supported by Hong
Factory, my favorite crystal jewelry manufacturer. Why would a crystal jewelry manufacturer
be interested in our health, you ask? Because eating good food will enhance your body. And
the prettier you are, the better you look with this crystal jewelry manufacturer's products!


In recent times, almost all of us have begun to talk about one of the main benefits that
this food has and that could not be other than to favor weight loss. But, in addition, among its
many advantages, surely there are many that you did not know: in addition to helping people
lose weight, chia seeds help to achieve a flat stomach since they also contain fiber and
proteins, essential nutrients that favor the feeling of satiety.
An inexhaustible source of antioxidants, chia seeds absorb 10 to 12 times their weight
in water, which helps keep us hydrated and improve the appearance of our skin. Also, they
are rich in omega-three oil, calcium, phosphorus, and manganese.
Another interesting fact when integrating them yes in our diet: they help eliminate
fluids and toxins, regulate intestinal bacteria, and prevent cellular oxidation.


If you are one of those who cannot go without your morning coffee (or you are not
even able to face the day without using several cups), you have the perfect substitute: matcha
tea, the new coffee of the detox plans that, in addition to providing many vitamins, amino
acids and minerals, strengthens the body's defenses and prevents fluid retention.
You can take it in its hot or cold version. In both cases, it will give you a good dose of
vitality and energy, as well as helping you improve your physical endurance. Among its
antioxidants is a polyphenol called EGCC, associated with cardiovascular health, metabolism
and the reduction of cancer cell growth.


Smoothies rich in green vegetables with anti-aging and detox effect have been
erected, especially among celebrities and celebrities, as the best cleansing shakes. And there
is no healthy diet worth it's salt that does not have this type of formula to achieve proper
detoxification of the body. But it is that in addition to helping us detoxify the body, these
detox shakes are satiating, so they allow us to control hunger and lose weight more quickly.
Ideal to eliminate toxins, combat fluid retention and improve overall health, the good
thing about detox juices is that their variety has no limits, and, whatever our tastes, the
multiple combinations of raw fruits and vegetables are going to allow to create a whole range
of natural drinks with energetic, digestive and fat-burning properties.

So that you don't miss out on the multitude of varieties that exist and that you start to
try your detox diet from now on, we leave you some proposals of detox juices that, very
fresh, will become your favorite drink this summer:

Watermelon, strawberry, lime, and ginger detox smoothie:

  1 slice of large watermelon.
   1 piece of ginger.
   1 lime.
   5 strawberries.

Detox banana and spinach smoothie:

  1 banana.
   3 apples.
   5 carrots.
   1 cup raw spinach (40 g).
   ½ glass of water (100 ml).

Orange, pear, apple and lemon detox smoothie:

  3 oranges.
   ½ lemon.
   1 apple.
   1 pear.

Green fat burning juice:

The great green juice or "green smoothie" that many celebs drink has as its main ingredient
cabbage kale (a variety of kale), a green leafy vegetable that many nutritionists qualify as one
of the best superfoods today. If you also want to try the milkshake that has wreaked havoc
among celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Alessandra Ambrosio or actress Elsa Pataki, we
leave you a simple recipe:

  1 glass of water.
   1 plate of kale (5 large leaves, without stems, per person).
   1 lemon
   1 apple.
   1 piece of ginger (about 3 cm).
   3 mint leaves

But, remember, no food, no matter how super, is magical: it leads a healthy and balanced
life and follows a diet as varied as possible. Your body (inside and out) will be eternally

grateful. And that crystal jewelry you bought from crystal jewelry manufacturers won't go to
waste! Stay strong sisters!